Problem Skin

So a couple of weeks ago my skin got bad. It’s not great at the best of times so when I was getting spot after spot after spot, I just didn’t know what to do. It was awful and it got so shit, it actually made me cry. I’ve always battled with my skin anyway […]


So yesterday I worked out. I did an at-home workout on a bank holiday. Worship me. But seriously, I’m not confident enough nor am I motivated enough to go to a gym so I thought I’d do Joe Wicks’ workout from his Lean In 15 book. It seemed to consist of pretty easy exercises that […]


Hey y’all, I realise I haven’t posted in a while but life seems to have got in the way! I feel like I need to update you on everything that’s been happening lately. I’ve actually managed to keep up smoothie-ing and I’m on day 10 of having a smoothie every morning. I skipped doing it […]


Did you guess smoothies were going to come into my ‘journey’? No? Well you should’ve. Not only am I trying to change my mind set to feel good, I also want to be healthy and I know that doing this from the inside out is the best way. I decided this week that I’d start […]

Positively Present – Chapter One

Just as I promised, I’m going to summarise chapter one of The Positively Present Guide To Life. First off, I’m loving the book so far and the way it’s written. But rather than plough on and read it all in a matter of days, I’m taking it one step at a time. I’m going to pause […]

Where To Start

The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far, considering I haven’t really started yet, is to take things one step at a time. I’ve got so excited about all of these books I’m yet to read and blogs I need to discover, my mind is even more cluttered than usual (and that takes some doing!). I […]

The Beginning

As I travelled home from work on my daily train commute the other day, I realised how fucked up my life is. I feel like I’ve made many bad decisions in life and even regret a few things. Things I should’ve said, things I should’ve done and things I definitely shouldn’t have done. I know I […]