Where To Start

The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far, considering I haven’t really started yet, is to take things one step at a time. I’ve got so excited about all of these books I’m yet to read and blogs I need to discover, my mind is even more cluttered than usual (and that takes some doing!).

I know one thing about myself and that is I get very stressed, very easily – in all aspects of life. And right now, I’m stressing about which book to read and when and what I should Google and what I should try first and where I should start and if I should even bother – exhausting, right?

So here I am, making a conscious decision to keep things simple. One book at a time, one tip at a time, one blog at a time. I know that if I try and do everything all at once, I’ll fail. The most important thing is that we make our goals achievable. Way too many times in my life have I ‘set’ (I say set in inverted commas because I ‘set’ them rather half-heartedly) goals which are just not going to happen and especially not as quickly I want them too.

So the lessons of the day are to keep things simple and do one thing at a time. Take things slowly because it’s going to take time. I want clear skin and a good posture but I know, much to my disappointment, that I won’t get those things within the next week, maybe not even the next month or year. But I also know that if I keep working at the things I want, they will happen.

The book I’m starting with is called The Positively Present Guide To Life by Dani DiPirro. If you can’t be bothered to read it or just can’t get your hands on it, allow me to summarise. You might think I’m being nice by doing that, but really, it’ll help me to go over what I’ve learned. Like I’ve said before, this blog isn’t just for you!

5 thoughts on “Where To Start

  1. It’s really great you’re deciding to keep things simple. I know recently my mind has been suuuuuper cluttered because of everything, so maybe taking it slow is the right thing to do so that I don’t get stuck in a rut. Thanks for posting this!


  2. the journey of a thousand mile, starts with a step. according to Jon Mason, begin with baby steps. i understand how it feels to be so occupied and debating where to start from. Nonetheless, i’m glad to know you’ve made a great decision to keeping it simple. cant wait to tag along with you on your journey.
    much love, George.

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