Did you guess smoothies were going to come into my ‘journey’? No? Well you should’ve. Not only am I trying to change my mind set to feel good, I also want to be healthy and I know that doing this from the inside out is the best way.

I decided this week that I’d start juicing again. I’ve already got a blender, a juicer.. you name it, I own it. I’ve recently read a number of blogs where people have drunk a juice or smoothie every morning for a couple of weeks and after day 4, they’ve already seen results. In their skin, their hair, their sleeping.. Now they’re the results I’m after!

So I had this all planned for starting next Monday. A new week, a new routine. But in the space of a few days, I’ve developed a cold. At first I thought it was hay fever but now I’m practically on death’s door. But, rather than let this get me down (although I am feeling rather rough!) I decided that now, more than ever, I need extra vitamins and good stuff to help me overcome this.

And also, my mind set of ‘I’ll start on Monday’ is bullshit. Why Monday? Why not now? Why wait 3 more days to start doing something amazing? So, I’m feeling quite proud already that I’ve changed one small way of thinking, which I realised is actually a big part of how I get on in life. ‘I’ll start on this day’ shouldn’t be a phrase we use unless you have to. Start now.

Anyway, I dusted off my juicer and popped to Tesco for some fruit and veg. While I was there, I saw the NutriBullet was on sale and what turned out to be a quick trip for some carrots ended up with carrots, a NutriBullet (oops!) AND a lovely passionfruit and mango candle (calming scents remember).

I know I’ve jumped on the NutriBullet bandwagon about 3 years too late (and I do already have a cheap alternative version) but it was too good to resist. Juicing also wastes a lot of the fruit or veg and I wanted something quick and easy for the mornings so that I can actually be bothered to do it.

Today was the first day of my new smoothie routine. Note that I’ve used the word routine because it’s something that I intend to make a permanent part of my life. This morning, I blended the following:
– Apple
– Carrot
– Cucumber
– Kale
– Lemon
– Linseeds
– Spinach
– Watercress

At first, it was a pretty thick smoothie but that just made me happy knowing that all of the goodness of the fruit and veg was in there. I popped a few ice cubes in my cup, put it in my bag for work and by the time I got to the train station, the ice cubes had melted and the smoothie was just like the consistency of a juice. Perfect.

Although I’m still feeling unwell, I think my first day of smoothie-ing went pretty well and I’m definitely going to keep it up. I’ll check in next week to let y’all know how I’m getting on (whether you care or not!) My top tip is preparation. Have your blender or juicer ready on the side in your kitchen, have your ingredients together in one place and just as you would your lunch, prep it the night before.

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