So yesterday I worked out. I did an at-home workout on a bank holiday. Worship me.

But seriously, I’m not confident enough nor am I motivated enough to go to a gym so I thought I’d do Joe Wicks’ workout from his Lean In 15 book. It seemed to consist of pretty easy exercises that even I thought I could do. And I did. I made the effort, even though we’d been out for lunch, even though we had family round, even though I couldn’t really be bothered… I went up to my room and I did the whole workout.

I got sweaty and I could barely walk afterwards but the best thing about a home workout is that you can just jump straight in the shower and when you’re done, you can sit down and relax. No having to use gym showers (which I would probably never do anyway) and no having to trek home from the gym when all you want to do it lie down.

I’ve been pretty lazy with my smoothies over the past couple of days but this workout made me feel good.  Our family holiday has been booked and I usually work better when I have a deadline. So there it is, my deadline. My deadline to get fit.

I’m pretty slim but I’m slim-by-the-skin-of-my-teeth kind of slim where people say ‘if I ate as many jaffa cakes as you, I’d put on loads of weight!’ and although I laugh along, I know that if I do keep eating that many jaffas, I won’t be able to stay this slim either. And I don’t just want to be slim – I want to be lean, I want to be toned, I want muscly arms and a big booty. I want to be strong. Something I’m not (both mentally and physically). And yes, you might think I’m only interested in how I look but that’s only part of it (and besides, what’s wrong with wanting to look hot?!) Anyway, I’m trying to make exercise another hobby, another something to pass the time, another thing to make me feel better about myself.

So I’ve got roughly 11 weeks to get as much in shape as I can for my holiday. Obviously I’m not just going to stop and give up afterwards, but it’s good to set a date. Goals need to be achievable and I feel like 11 weeks is a good time for me to make and see a change.

The only depressing thing I’ve found is looking at Instagram and wanting to look like the people on there. They are unreal. And I know that all it takes is hard work and time but I look at their pictures and yearn for a body like that. But I’m lazy and I want it now. I’m also not stupid and know that isn’t going to happen so I hope to god I have the motivation to keep up this workout.

2 thoughts on “Workout

  1. That’s really great! I recently started running everyday — on a treadmill of course; I do NOT have the confidence to run outside — and it makes me feel really good! I understand what you mean by wanting a strong body and everything, but try not to be too harsh on yourself about your appearance. Exercise is something that affects so much more than just the appearance of your body, so even if your still isn’t perfect it will probably help you in many other ways as well. (I know it helps with my anxiety A LOT.)
    Also, don’t get discouraged if you miss a day. It’s almost like an addiction; as soon as you miss a day, you won’t want to restart your cycle. (Maybe this only happens to me, but it’s literally the WORST thing ever…) So try to keep it up no matter what!
    (Sorry that was very long.)

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    1. It’s good that you’re running too, well done! Thanks for the advice! I can already feel myself getting excited to do some exercise so hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up!

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