Problem Skin

So a couple of weeks ago my skin got bad. It’s not great at the best of times so when I was getting spot after spot after spot, I just didn’t know what to do. It was awful and it got so shit, it actually made me cry. I’ve always battled with my skin anyway and I’m always looking at other people thinking how perfect and clear their skin looks, and why can’t mine look like that?!

So for the past week I realised I needed to do something because I couldn’t cope anymore (and partly because I was seeing someone on Saturday and didn’t want to look like complete shit). As I’ve mentioned before, because I pretty much had a ‘deadline’ for my goal of clearing up my skin, I think that helped me really stick to my regime, which in case you’re wondering included scrubs, masks and toners. And much to my surprise, I think my skin has got a whole lot better. And even if it hasn’t, I think it has and I know that’s all that matters.

Anyway, the point to this story wasn’t about how I cleared(ish) my skin but how I felt during the time it wasn’t clear and how it affected my everyday life. People say that looks aren’t everything and they’re not, but if like me, you’re not super confident in the first place and then you get a blemish-riddled face which is difficult to cover up, then it knocks your confidence even more. And I learned over the past week that no one is analysing your skin as much as you are. These things happen and you just have to deal with it as and when.

I also learned that if you stick to a routine, look after your skin and use the right products, you might just be able to make it look pretty decent. The final thing I’ve taken away from this is that you need consistency. As you know, I’m useless at sticking to stuff (yep, I still haven’t read that book) but something like your beauty regime is important and it’s much easier to incorporate new things into something you’re already doing. So I’ve promised myself to keep up this new found routine, maybe not going at it as hardcore as I did last week (as I don’t need to) and not worrying if I don’t rigidly stick to it but having a rough idea of what I need to do and when, and actually doing it.

I know I’ve got a long way to go, but I also that in the last week, I’ve come a long way too.

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